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Traditional Art

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I have dabbled in more types of material than I care to name, but most of the artwork you will find here is in my favorite medium: colored pencil.

Most folks buzz right on by the lowly pencil on their way to paints, or pastels, or marker, but I have a certain fondness for them as a medium. They're quick and available, and unlike paints, my shaking hand won't find ways to get them on the ceiling.

My pencil works are almost all wildlife pieces, with some fantasy thrown in. Movement is important to me, as an hobbyist animator, and most of my works incorporate motion, or work to move the eye around the piece.

Other two-dimensional mediums I'm fond of are inks and ink washes, acrylic paint on canvass, and charcoal. I use wood, resin, and clay in my three-dimensional pieces.

Wildlife Art

My most beloved subject is wildlife. I'll draw just about anything once, but my primary subjects are North American mammals executed in colored pencil.

In this gallery you'll also find the occasional domesticated animal and fantasy creatures based on animals.


My landscape works tend to be sweeping, rough, and relatively un-detailed. Mediums vary, though ink and acrylic are common here.


My ink works can be on just about any subject, though landscapes are by far the most common. I use a wash and line method, and alternate between using india ink and watercolor in my pens and brushes.