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Available Artwork

Artwork that is available for purchase (both in the case of originals and prints) will be indicated as such on the piece's page as well as being listed on the Available Artwork page.

Requesting Artwork

Inquiries as to artwork availability or purchase should be made through the Contact form.


Commissions of just about any sort are welcome. I do everything from con-badges to pet portraiture and am willing to attempt just about any mammal (the exception being homo sapiens).

Commission prices are figured by cost of supplies, postage and packaging, and time spent on sketch, transfer, and completion.

Please note that I don't do violent or sexually explicit artwork. I don't enjoy doing it and I'm not very good at it.


Prints are only offered of digital works

All print sizes are listed on the print's individual page. All are Canon inkjet prints on photo paper, though I am willing to explore professional printing processes if interest is shown.

Prints are priced by size, estimated ink/paper costs, and shipping.

All prints are hand signed at the time of printing. Prints are ONLY sold through this site. If you purchase a print of my artwork from elsewhere (with the exception of This Little Piggy which is available on deviantArt), you should know that you are paying a crook and none of the proceeds come to me.


Original art is priced by cost of supplies and time spent on the artwork.

Please note that not all artwork showcased on this site is available for purchase.


Small artwork and prints are shipped flat. Because my large pieces are done on a cotton-based paper, they can be shipped in a poster tube without being damaged, and I'm of the opinion that this is the safest way to ship them.

Large pieces can also be shipped flat, but this is incredibly difficult and I cannot gaurantee that the piece will get to you undamaged--I've had too many cases of art paper being shipped to me layered between multiple pieces of cardboard and still damaged to trust flat shipping for the most part.

Canvas pieces are shipped flat.

Pieces over $100 are tracked and the tracking number given to the buyer. I strongly encourage anyone making a purchase of over $100 to request shipping insurance.


Basic pricing structure is listed below. Pieces on canvas or requiring the purchase of specialty papers or supplies may involve additional costs; those will be included in your personal estimate.

Sizes are as follows -- small: 4" x 6" or smaller; medium between 4" x 6" and 9" x 11"; large: 9" x 11" to the upper range of my paper sizes, usually about 18" x 23"; huge: anything requiring specialty paper, 18" x 23"+

Type $ Range Notes
Pencil sketch, B&W $15 - $75 Size/complexity determines cost.
Finished pencil or colored pencil piece, small $35 - $100  
Finished pencil or colored pencil piece, medium $60 - $200  
Finished pencil or colored pencil piece, large $150+  
Finished pencil or colored pencil piece, huge $250+  
Acrylic on canvas $100+ Canvas is ordered at time of commission; cost of canvas included in personal estimate
Marker on canvas-paper, tiny $20 Think in terms of the DCBs
Personalized animation, icon-sized, color $15 Looping, incredibly simplified animation of single subject of your choice. limited choice of actions. Final format: GIF or APNG.
Personalized animation, extended $1/frame sketch-quality
$2/frame inked
$2.50/frame cell-style color w/ background
Assume 12 frames per second; package includes three-point character rotation (for all types) plus color chart (if requesting color animation). You get all flattened frames (in PNG format) plus final animation in an appropriate digital format (options vary).
Anything else ? Contact me with your idea and I'll give you an estimate

Specific estimates are given on commissions at the time of request and based on similar pieces already completed. Included in the estimate price are two rounds of minor changes, one for the sketch and one for the color stage. Additional rounds of changes, up to a maximum of four total rounds, will add to the price an amount proportional to the time required to make the requested changes. Major changes to the piece after it goes into color that require me to return to the sketch stage may require a reassessment of the project and release of a new estimate.

Commissions involving original characters require a deposit of 20% the estimate amount, payable after completion of the sketch, but before transfer (con-badges and items for less than $20 are the exception to this--you pay for those upon completion, no deposit). Estimates are by no means price guarantees, though they should be close.

All shipping costs are paid by the buyer. Shipping costs are not included in the price displayed on the site; estimates are available on request. To make a shipping estimate I will need to know which country (for US residents, I'll need your state) you live in and the size and sort of artwork you would be requesting.

Payment Methods

I accept three different payment methods:

  • Personal checks and money orders.
  • gift certificates: For those of you who wish to pay by credit card, this is for you.
  • Barter: For commissions under $30, I may accept a trade of goods in place of cash. Talk to me about this one, because it very much depends on what I need at a given time.

Why not Paypal? I'm a bit of a luddite*, and Paypal still has some trust issues in my book. At some point in the future, assuming that interest is high enough, I may look into a proper credit card processor.

I'm also willing to look into escrow on request.

The Process

To sum up all this gibberish, here is how the commission/purchase process generally proceeds:

  1. You approach me for a commission or purchase
  2. If your purchase is a print or existing original artwork:
    1. You provide me with the country you live in and request any special shipping treatments
    2. I obtain and provide to you a shipping price
    3. You pay me
  3. If your purchase is a commission:
    1. You provide me with specifics on what you want done including medium, size, and references. The more specific, the better. You also give me an idea of any special shipping treatments you might want and what country you live in.
    2. I provide you with an estimate.
    3. You approve the estimate.
    4. I create the sketch.
    5. Sketch goes to you for approval. If there are minor changes, I tweak the piece and show it to you again.
    6. If your piece contains your own original characters, you send a 20% deposit
    7. I move into the color phase
    8. Final piece goes to you for approval. If there are minor changes, I tweak the piece and show it to you again.
    9. I show you the final price.
    10. You pay the final price (less your deposit if you paid one).
  4. I ship the piece

The Fine Print

Yeah, this is the unpleasant stuff, but it's nice to know your rights, and I like to have people know what I expect of them as well.

Rights and Redistribution Issues

I retain all rights afforded by copyright law for art purchased from me, including the right to sell prints, to remake the piece from sketches I hold, and anything else along those lines that you may think of. You may not sell prints of the artwork provided to you, put it on your website, use it for banners, or otherwise distribute it. You may, of course, resell your ONLY copy of the work. You may not make a copy of the work and sell the original.

General exceptions are as follows:

  • Icons, avatars, or banners: If it was understood on purchase that the item I created for you was for use as an icon, avatar, or banner, YOU, the purchaser, may use the item for said use.
  • Personal Characters: While a non-trademarked character design is in something of a legal limbo, I respect the wishes of character designers. If I do a project for you with a subject that is your own personal design, I will not sell prints of the piece, recreate the piece, or otherwise redistribute the piece for direct profit. I do reserve the right to place a copy of the piece on my personal website and any gallery websites that I might be a member of. This is negotiable -- if you ask me straight out not to do so, I won't. If you provide me with a personal watermark for the piece, I'll place that on it before making it public.

In ALL cases above, purpose of the work must be stated beforehand. If I've already started on a project before you tell me it's an avatar (or that its use was in any way intended to be public) I reserve the right to change the price or drop the project (see "Cancellation of Projects" below).

Negotiation of Rights

Rights to a piece can be negotiated. Please be sure you know what rights you're asking for (exclusive rights, one-time rights, print rights, etc) and negotiate with me BEFORE the piece is begun. Expect to pay more for more restrictive rights.

If you negotiate rights with me, I may ask you to sign a statement explaining what those rights are.

Cancellation of Projects

Projects can be cancelled at any time for any reason up until the point where your final payment hits my hand. At that point, it's my responsibility to get it in the mail and on its way to you. Keep in mind that I can't ship myself in the tube and make sure that UPS doesn't damage your piece, but I will do what I can up to that point. Tracking numbers will be provided, and if you wish to pay for it I'll set you up with whatever sort of shipping insurance is available from the shipper. I STRONGLY advise insurance for anything over $100.

YOU have the right to cancel the project up until that point for any reason. Note that if you have commissioned me to do an original character and paid the deposit upon approving the sketch you WILL lose your deposit upon cancellation. If you DON'T approve the sketch and DON'T send the deposit, you lose nothing, so keep that in mind -- the sketch approval is your opportunity to change your mind! It's before either of us have invested too much in the project to go back.

There are some important exceptions to this rule:

  • If I have not finished your project for more than six months after the date of your deposit I will return the deposit upon request. Assuming I'm not dead; if I'm dead you might be out of luck.

    If the situation warrants, I may request extra time for completion of a piece. You may decide if the extra time is acceptable or not. If it's not, I return the deposit. If it is, the extra time that I've asked for is added to the original six months.

  • If the final product OBVIOUSLY does not live up to the expectations posed by the sketch. "Obviously" here is a fuzzy term, but think of it as if you were to show the sketch and the piece to someone who didn't know you, didn't know me, and knew nothing about the history of the project and they were to tell you that the final piece wasn't so good. That's "obvious". Once you have payed the final payment obviousness no longer applies so make sure you decide this BEFORE signing that check!

If you cancel a commission of a project that DOES NOT contain one of your own original characters I have the right to finish the project and attempt to sell it to someone else.

I may cancel a project up until the time of payment for any reason as well. If you have paid the deposit and I cancel the piece the deposit will be returned -- so make sure you keep your contact information with me up to date!

*Strange, I'll admit, considering that I make my living as a web programmer.