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Filea's Quest

As a devoted Kraag scribe and warrior, Filea's one duty in life is to seek knowledge, and it is a duty that she performs admirably. Even royalty admires her intelligence and tenacity and when the Matriarch of Suevettia sets her eye on the fabled Book of Knowledge it is Filea who is sent on the quest to find it. With Rheiam, the Cohte Kaeon and Sandpiper the desert mare she tracks the book and it's history and learns something about her own people's history as well -- knowledge that she had never hoped to learn.

Filea's Quest was written while I was still in college, in 2001 and 2002. It's a full-length fantasy novel, and was my first real shot at creating a fantasy world (The Phantom's Revenge, though fantasy, had been set in reality).

For you Furry fans out there, Filea's Quest is an anthropomorphic story as well -- no people in this one, only a world populated by creatures evolved from some of our more familiar wild fauna.