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Digital Art

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Digital artwork is like playing with sidewalk chalk. You spend the afternoon filling up the drive with doodles and can't be willing to bet that they'll still be there tomorrow.

I'm an unusual digital artist in that I try to use open source software when possible. My inking is done with Inkscape and my coloring, or paint work, with GIMP. Don't be scared away from the these programs because they don't look like Photoshop--they can do some amazing things.

Anything that I do digitally is done for fun, so take it all in the spirit intended.


By far my favorite topic, digital or no, but critters show up far more often when I have a tablet pen in my hand.

Fan Art

The largest portion of my digital art is fan art, either for films, books, or--as is the case for most of the art here--Wolf.

Original Characters

Characters from my books, old RP chars, my fursona--they're all here.