Aug, 2015

So I finally got around to getting my own site on a CMS, which is going to make it so I might actually remember to update it once in a while.   In a couple weeks (I hope) I'll also be launching my code portfolio site at; ideally that'll get all the "Drupal-y" stuff out of my art and the art out of my Drupal, kinda tidy up a bit.

Aug, 2014

Drupal Tuning: I can't imagine this will be a particularly popular page on this site, but I got to documenting what I did to tune the Harvard SEAS Drupal site and figured, hey, someone else might find this useful. So, learn about Drupal tuning.

May, 2014

Visualization: I had a fun little diversion this spring, took Harvard's CS 171, a course in Data Visualization. The result was "Exploring SEAS Connections" for my employer -- it's not yet live on the SEAS site, but a snapshot version is available on this site.

Nov, 2011

General site cleanup: TheRedSetter is getting some polishing. As with all cleaning, expect some slick spots until I've had a chance to get through everything.

Sep, 2011

SERVER MOVE UPDATE: Theredsetter/wolfmovie server move has occured! If you're seeing this message, congratulations, you're on the New site.

Jan, 2011

Commissions are open.

I'm trying to make some extra cash to cover an emergency pet surgery, so I'll take just about anything I can get right now.

Jul, 2010

Wow, a whole year? That's the trouble with having news on your front page, isn't it?

I'm back from AC again, and proud to say that I sold some more art. Will be updating my art section over the next few days, hopefully, so look for new stuff there.

Also commissions are open for anyone who is interested.

Jul, 2009

I've posted my AC panel notes! Thanks to everyone who attended my first ever panel.

Nov, 2008

Commissions are closed. Because if they aren't, I'll go mad!

Happy holidays to everyone, and keep an eye on the Wolf site--you never know what you might see.

Sep, 2008

Now that I have lights and internet...

I'm open for commissions! Details, as always, are on the Purchase Art page. The goal is to make enough to offset costs for putting in a second sump and keeping my basement from flooding every "monsoon" season (otherwise known as "January" in some circles).